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Iowa Central’s TV & Radio Production program provides hands-on training for a rewarding career in the TV and radio industry. From writing to announcing, sales to sports, digital production to programming, our program introduces students to the skills they need in order to succeed and stand out in the highly competitive field of broadcasting. Iowa Central is proud to possess its very own fully-licensed, 240-watt student run radio station, KICB.

This program offers an intense and practical blend of experience and knowledge by providing students with hands on learning of radio and video. Students will participate in radio and video programming of Triton sports and news, both on location and in our television or radio studios. Class projects include production for real life events and businesses with real world feedback as well as in lab training so the student is more prepared for the industry directly upon completion of the 2 year Associate in Applied Science Degree.

The program also includes a 240 hour practical internship. During this internship, students work at a professional TV or radio station, gaining valuable experience from working professionals and networking with industry leaders. Iowa Central students may also take advantage of part-time opportunities at one of the many professional radio stations and professional video production companies in Fort Dodge and the surrounding area allowing for even more experience.

It is the goal of the Iowa Central Community College TV & Radio Production Program to train, graduate, and promote the highest quality broadcasters in the area.


About Us

Iowa Central Community College’s TV/Radio Production Program provides hands-on experience and training for a careers in the radio and television industry.

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